Monthly Updates – October

The Solar + Storage + Internet Program for rural Bolivian schools is structured to support communities that are experiencing impacts of poor health, inadequate access to clean water, lack of tools to remain sustainable, and is providing access to resources to be able to grow, succeed, and continue to thrive in a modern world.

With electricity, schoolchildren have access to better learning facilities and curriculum, teachers have access to better tools and platforms, and adults have the opportunity for economic growth via improved market delivery of goods and services. Communities can communicate with the outside world, and PIDOLA’s solutions can increase economic security within each individual location.  

A key component of our approach is to ensure that each project PIDOLA completes is holistically adopted by each community and has the construct in place to ensure sustainability of our systems. With our partnerships at federal-level ministries, as well as connections to non-profits and private corporations working on similar efforts, PIDOLA is positively impacting lives not only in Bolivia, but across all Latin America.

That’s the update for now and we’ll be sending additional details about the next sites on our list and timing for installation of solar and internet in each of these villages!

“Since the beginning of the implementation of Internet computing in our Educational Unit, we saw positive improvements and achievements in students who had their first contact with technology…

“I must tell you that the internet has facilitated us in our educational practices in a great way.” – Edwin, local school teacher