At a Coffee Shop

Over the last few weeks, it seems like I’m ALWAYS at a coffee shop.  Which I personally don’t mind, since it gets and keeps me out of the house.  But, I don’t think the volume of coffee I’m drinking is very healthy.  Oh well, I’ll worry about that later.


Another week, and like I always say, any progress is good.  Even though it doesn’t feel like we’re moving forward, it all adds up.  At some point after a few weeks/months, we’ll look back and be impressed with how much we’ve completed.


Just a few items from this week:


  • After a few weeks, and honestly a couple years, I’ve finally made it into the US Embassy here in La Paz (pictured below). It’s not difficult to do, it just always seemed that some new hassle came up.  Nothing exciting about my visit; just got some documents notarized.
  • As I continue to work with my legal team, I’m still in the process of getting my INTERPOL requirements completed. At some point, I’ll have an official Bolivian ID!
  • Spanish classes continue every day. I only have about five (5) more years until I can buy groceries without any trouble… L
  • A revised proposal was sent to our internet delivery partner, ABE, which we’re hoping to continue those conversations next week.
  • We postponed our trip to Torotoro since we determined it wasn’t very urgent at this point.I may be going down in September instead, which may be better since I’ll know a bit more Spanish.

Again, none of the above is very sexy, but it’ll all add up.  On a personal note, I think I’ve finally acclimatized, since I’m able to run six (6) miles at 11,600 feet.  I don’t mind putting in the exercise, since it always allows me to eat pretty much whatever I want.  And being “new” to Bolivia, it’s good to try out new food!


More to come next week…