At the Bank

So, the reason for the title… like my mother always says, it’s an adventure.  I forgot my debit card in an ATM last week.  Yeah, I know, I’m not the brightest bulb.  To get my card back, I had to head to the bank to claim it from the customer service department.


The kicker… banks in La Paz are like going to the DMV in Center City Philadelphia.  Holy buckets, it’s awful!  You have to take a number, sit in line (six hours total), and sweat your tail off until they call you up.  Then HOPEFULLY the agent speaks a bit of English!  Oy vey… Pro Tip: DON’T leave your debit card in an ATM machine.


The good news, I got my debit card back.  But, that wasn’t the only good news for the week!  Every day, we’re progressing:


  • Met with a representative from the US Embassy here in La Paz, so that will be a nice connection, moving forward.
  • Continued with my immigration paperwork, and now finalizing my INTERPOL background check. Fingers crossed.
  • Scheduling a trip to our project site in Pampa Jasi in late July. It will be great to see the community!
  • I found a bouldering gym! There are two in all of Bolivia, and one is just five minutes away.

So, slowly but surely, I’m moving forward with both work and play.  I may be a bit silent in the coming weeks but will provide a bigger update in the middle of July.  Keep following along!