At the Immigration Office

I have taken a few additional steps this week surrounding all of my immigration paperwork.  The first step was that I hired myself.  With my Power of Attorney and Legal Team here, I became the CEO of Accendo Solutions SRL.  Pretty exciting news, other than the fact that I’m making Bolivia’s minimum wage, which is $1.82 an hour.  I may retire early.

The following day, we went to visit the Department of Immigration here in La Paz.  After good conversations and waiting my turn for three hours, I submitted all of my paperwork (and my passports!) to get my work visa. After that, I’ll work on getting my Bolivian ID card, then my driver’s license… that will be a whopper of a story for next month.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet week in Bolivia.  The main objective for next month is to start visiting our project sites to determine feasibility.  It’s been a bit of a challenge, but we have finally found some transportation through our partner ABE, and strategic scheduling just needs to take place. It’s been a slow process, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

As with many of you in North America, I’m going to also take a long Labor Day weekend.  Sajama has finally arrived; the weather looks good, and fingers crossed my guides are in one piece.  I’ll share the trip experience with you all; wish me luck!

Since I don’t have a picture from the Immigration Office, here’s a video of my local cows, just not caring about anything…