At the Ministry of Education

We had two key meetings this week.  We were initially planned for four, but as most of us know, scheduling conflicts happen. The first was with our legal team, Guevara & Gutierrez SC, or GG Lex for short.  As I’ve mentioned previously, they have graciously provided us with pro bono work for over a year.  As those initial efforts are winding down, we’re now finalizing our official partnership with them.  It’s a long story of how we crossed their paths, but I’m sure glad we did.  They’ve been excellent to work with.

Our second meeting was with our old friends at the Ministry of Education.  As we continue to build the framework for this partnership, the more excited we’re getting about the opportunity to work with them.  This week’s conversations were surrounding how Pidola can support and compliment their efforts to provide renewable energy (and subsequently internet) to school houses all across Bolivia.  Essentially, they have 100’s of locations that may be similar to our pilot project in Pampa Jasi.  Nothing has been formalized with the Ministry, but our direction is becoming much clearer.

The picture below is of this strange dog made of chains outside of the Ministry of Education’s building… I need to ask “why?”.

Other than that, just standard operation procedure here in La Paz:

  • I’m continuing to take Spanish classes almost every day.  Is it possible the more I learn, the worse I get?  Yes, it is…
  • I found a dynamite new kind of tea, called Sultana.  Look it up, it’s incredible… I don’t believe you can find it in the States, unfortunately.
  • I attended a BBQ with some friends last weekend, and it was my first time leaving the city since I moved here.  It was nice to get some fresh air, literally.
  • Plans to return to both PA and CO for a couple weeks over the Holidays are coming together. I’m looking forward to a good slice. 🙂

As always, more to follow in the coming days.  Especially with the launch of our new fundraising campaigns, which are starting in less than two weeks!