Eating Cheeseburgers

I believe a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee.  Which, in itself isn’t too bad… especially since I drank a lot of coffee back in Colorado.  BUT, for some reason, I’ve been on a quest to find the best burger joint in my neighborhood (Sopocachi).  I’ve eaten more burgers in the last five weeks than I have in the last three years; easily.  So far, this place called Luigi’s is in the top spot.  The lady who runs the place can cook a mean burger.

Anyway, other than me adding inches to my waistband, we’re working away down here.  I haven’t made as much progress as I would’ve hoped for the last couple of weeks, but we can’t always be moving a lightning pace.  Any progress is still good, though.


A few key highlights below:


  • Our first site visits are planned for late August. We were going to go to Torotoro but postponed that trip until September.
  • For an example of one of our project sites, click here. This will take you to a Google Map of Colcha K; a small town in the state of Potosi.
  • We are on our 3rdround of revisions surrounding the proposal and potential partnership with ABE, our internet delivery service.
  • The next step surrounding me getting a Bolivian ID, I have a doctor’s appointment to get a health check. I guess I shouldn’t have eaten so many burgers…


Not too many other “big ticket” items from the professional side of things.  This weekend, I’m heading out of La Paz for the first time since I moved to Bolivia.  To say I’m excited to see some new things would be an understatement… wish me luck as I attempt to bag Sajama!