In Class

As I’ve mentioned previously, I take Spanish classes here in La Paz.  Every day, 8-10a, (almost) religiously.  Since I was basically starting from scratch with the language, it’s been painful at times. To be honest, it’s painful all day, every day.  Even just getting a haircut is stressful.  But, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve finally been able to toggle back and forth between past and future tenses, albeit very slowly.  I’m making progress, just not as fast as I would like. Someday I’ll get it… maybe in 2022.

From the business side of things, one of the exercises that the Pidola Team is working on is called a Feasibility Study.  It is essentially up-front work to ensure our project locations are a good fit for Pidola.  For example, we wouldn’t go into an area where the average individual has the same income level as someone in Manhattan.  Not that we’d find many places across the globe like New York, but you get the idea.

In addition to my Spanish work, I also think that I need to go back to my statistics class.  I’m still consistently amazed with the brainpower that is coming from our team and Board of Directors.  One of the members came up with a formula for our Feasibility Study.  During the development of this equation, we spoke about things like z-score, which I thought I’d never hear again after grad school!

I’ve had to replace our metrics with some Greek text (we don’t want to give away the secret sauce, now do we), but it’ll give you a sense of what we’re working with.  Totally crazy/awesome, IMHO.


Future Site Predictor = ((Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet* (consectetur adipiscing elit)) – (Ut sed erat vitae)) + (odio elementum tincidunt) + (Suspendisse potenti/ Ut placerat quis tellus et blandit) + (Donec condimentum sapien, or sed elit aliquam mollis) + (Maecenas a augue dolor) + (Proin ut vulputate libero) + (Etiam ut tristique neque) + (Donec fringilla lacinia tincidunt) + (Duis dolor mauris) + (vestibulum non massa ut)


I think I’ll just stick with my Spanish classes for now… 🙂