In Colorado, USA

My first week back to the US has been interesting.  I’ve lived here most of my life, I know the routine, I know the area (Colorado), but it still all feels so strange!  I guess this is part of my re-assimilation from being out of the country for the last 13 months or so.  Two things got me these first few days: the grocery store and radio advertisements.  Both, in my humble opinion, are pretty absurd. 

Colorado mountain called Capitol

Even though I’m back in the States, we’re still doing work down in Bolivia.  The biggest and most exciting updates are from one of our site visits in Villa Tunari back in April.  Our solar panel installers visited La Mision last week and are developing a final budget and specification report for us.  Once that’s completed, we’ll just need to raise the funds to start and complete the project!

Another area of excitement, at least for me, is from a location we visited last week; Carmen Florida near Rurrenabaque.  They are celebrating their 85th anniversary this weekend of being a community!  Pidola donated some food supplies, new soccer balls and supplies for their school house to help them celebrate.  If and when we get some photos, we’ll surely share with you.

As we mentioned last week, our up-coming event on the 25th is confirmed at Diebolt Brewery here in Denver.  We hope that you can join us, and I personally would love to see everyone!