In La Paz

Well, it was a great four+ weeks back in the States.  My top priority was seeing family and friends, and it was great across the board.  Plus, I was able to get in some ice and rock climbing, a visit to New York City, a tourist day in our backyard (Philly), and LOTS of food… re-gained nine (yes, 9!) pounds, too.  Still have some work to do on that front.

Now, we’re back to it here in La Paz.  As most know, the first six months were not smooth sailing for me; lots of struggles.  But, it’s good to be back in the city.  Some of the things I experienced were not all a challenge.  I think the kids in Bolivia are adorable (they always crack me up), the street performers are good fun, you can’t beat the weather, the scenery is second to none, and the bakeries!  Yes, my sweet tooth is in full swing again.

Most importantly, we’re back here to do the work… that’s always #1.

We had a good Pidola Board of Directors meeting last week (as always) and Q1 will be busy.  With site visits back to either Villa Tunari or Torotoro, it’s going to be productive from a project standpoint.  We also have a bunch of fundraising opportunities that are in the proverbial “hopper”.  As always, I’ll keep everyone posted with the key highlights.

Also, please keep your eyes open for an email about 2018 taxes… it’s that time of year again! 😉