In Los Pinos

It’s been almost a week since I jumped on the plane to come to Bolivia.  And it’s been a good week.  I’ve struggled, mightily at times, but we’re also still taking steps forward. That’s the goal on a daily basis, to make progress here in Bolivia, both professionally AND personally.  Some strides are larger than others, but still moving forward…


As I type this post, I’m in a neighborhood of La Paz called Los Pinos.  I selected this neighborhood to live in for my first week, since it’s close to many of the places I’d need to visit.  Plus, it definitely helps that our Power of Attorney lives only three (3) blocks away!  Definitely a big help.  The picture below is the view of Illimani from his balcony.



I always like to use the Big Lebowski’s saying of, “strikes and gutters”.  This week was full of both, and here are just a few:




  • I met the Vice Minister of Education, and we’re going to submit a proposal surrounding how to partner with Pidola
  • I took my first Spanish class on Thursday, which is DEFINTELY needed
  • I love Sopocachi, the neighborhood that I’ll be living in, long-terms
  • I took the bus to and from meetings, which seems minor, but a big deal for me!




  • The language barrier is a big problem, and I have a long way to go
  • I was almost sold a $135 USB memory stick. Yes, $135 USD!  Unreal
  • I found out that no residential buildings have HVAC systems, so it’s pretty chilly at night
  • Yes, Sprint… the worst


It’s one week in, but we’re in a much better spot than a week ago.  Some of the uncertainties remain, but slowly getting removed.


Lots of work to be completed next week, so more to follow ASAP!