In Mexico City

It’s been a busy week, both from a personal and professional standpoint.  First, my mom and aunt are in Bolivia to visit me and are here until next week. It’s always great to see family, no matter where in the world you are.  But, for me, it was especially nice to have them visit; it’s been hard being away from family and friends.  Also, with them around, it forces me to use my Spanish!  Albeit, it’s still terrible.

Here’s a picture of us from the ferry crossing at Lake Titicaca.  What a great experience with them… left to right: mom, me and my aunt.

After that, they went to Peru to take a tour of Cuzco and Machu Pichu… I went to Mexico City.  As most of you know, I work a 2nd job that’s within the e-Commerce industry.  We had a conference in Mexico City, which we went to for networking and training purposes.  The conference went well for everyone, and I even got myself a burrito!  Yes, the little things in life…

For Pidola, we’ve made a lot of progress on the Marketing front.  We’re still finalizing our October fundraising campaign, which should be going out any day now.  We’ve also established a proper CRM tool, and we’ll be sending monthly newsletters starting in November!  Our “Where’s Lou?” updates are fine, but we want to make sure all our progress updates are shared with you.

My mom, aunt and I will be traveling to the Salar de Uyuni next week, which we’re all excited about. Hopefully we’ll have some fun stories to share.  Keep an eye out for our campaign, and make sure you share with your friends!