In New York City

I was in New York City this week, and two things really caught my attention.  First, was my trip up the Empire State Building.  I’ve never been up to the Observation Deck before, and it was a great experience… see one of the pictures below.  The second was that there are SO MANY different types of foods you can get in the city!  Pakistani, Korean, Indian, Japanese, you name it.  I think people (including myself!) take that variety for granted.  That’s something I’m definitely going to miss later this week.

View south from the Empire State Building

We have a lot going on the Pidola front.  Thanks to all who joined us last week to catch up in Denver, and review some of our progress over the last seven months.  Hopefully everyone knows that we couldn’t have gotten this far without our supporters, and we are forever grateful for the support.  It was awesome to see you!

Surrounding what’s coming up here in the next week or so:

  • Pidola has our monthly board meeting this week, where there are always productive conversations.  
  • Regarding our Villa Tunari visit in early December, we have to: 1) schedule time with community leaders to start the conversations around our projects, and 2) continue to work with the Ministry of Education regarding what sites to visit next!
  • Speaking of the Ministry of Education, we have to finalize our partner agreement; hopefully here in January.
  • Pidola is also working to establish a non-profit entity in Bolivia.  This will provide incremental benefits while doing work in Bolivia, versus being a for-profit organization.

We have a big month coming up here in January, so come back next week check in on the progress!