In Philadelphia

As most of us this week, I’ve come back from Bolivia to spend some quality time with the family for the Holidays.  It’s going to be a whirlwind few weeks while I’m back in the States, with time planned in Philadelphia, Denver and also in New York City.  Plus, some ice climbing in Ouray, which I have to say, I’m very excited about. 🙂

It’s been great the last few days since I touched down.  Being so far away from home, it really makes you appreciate the time you get with family and friends.  I even got in a Philadelphia Eagles game last weekend, which was a blast.  The video below was after one of the Eagles touchdowns…. never a dull moment at the Birds game.

Nothing very new from the Pidola side of things, since we’re focused on the Holidays.  BUT, we’ll be back at it right after the New Years, with a presentation that will be available to all of our sponsors and donors. We’ll get you information surrounding the date and time shortly.  

I’ll also have some updates surrounding Villa Tunari, which our next steps include:

  • Schedule time with the local community leaders to talk about our projects
  • Finalize our feasibility studies for each location to ensure they are an appropriate for Pidola
  • Develop specifications for each location to determine budget required
  • Outline procurement and project management responsibilities for all parties
  • Raise funds to establish each project location

I hope this blog post finds everyone doing well, and that each of you has had a great Holiday season so far!