In the Board Room

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t literally in a Board Room this week; I’m still here in La Paz.  BUT, we did have our monthly Board of Directors meeting this past Tuesday, which those meetings are always productive.  I’ve really come to appreciate the people on Pidola’s Board, both professionally and personally.  They have a ton of great experience, and I’m always amazed with how smart everyone is!  We’re very fortunate to have them on “board”.  Get it?

Anyway, the main topic of discussion this month was surrounding our fundraising activities and campaign development.  For a peek behind the curtain, we have a multi-pronged approach to our fundraising efforts. They include, but are not limited to: individual donors, corporate sponsors, and grants.  With these three (3) key areas of focus, we’re hopeful that Pidola can generate the funds required for both projects here in Bolivia and to cover all our operational expenses.

Ideally, we’d like to keep large percentage of our raised funds going to projects and the actual work here in Bolivia (i.e. 90%).  Most non-profits split their proceeds between those two (2) main categories, and similarly try to push as much towards their “good works” as possible.  As I’m sure you’ve heard some of those nightmare stories of skewed percentages going towards operations, and we’re going to do our best not to become one of those stories!

We have a good plan for both the rest of this year and 2019, and we’ll keep everyone posted with our progress.  As always, we appreciate the individual donations, and please keep Pidola top-of-mind for any potential corporate opportunities that you may know of!  DM either Michelle or I anytime.

Since I don’t have any pictures of our Board meeting this week, here are some mummies we saw in Uyuni a couple weeks back…