March 2021 – Remote Solar Kit Fundraiser!

Pidola is launching a new fundraising campaign! The key details are below, and feel free to donate via the link here.

In many parts of Bolivia, and specifically rural areas of the Cochabamba region where Pidola has been working since 2017, students have not been to classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and won’t be able to return to schools for the remainder of 2021.  Rural families are often scattered and isolated and are using candles, batteries, and firewood to meet their energy needs. 

Pidola is working with a local solar installer, Energetica, along with the Ministry of Education and local Municipalities to establish a program to provide remote learning kits to 1,000 rural households without electricity. Each kit includes 3 solar-charged lamps with a USB charger and USB-powered radios and costs $112 USD. Almost half is covered locally, but they need our help to fund the rest of the kit. 

That means for only $65, a remote family with school-age kids will have access to classes and information!

The program for these kits includes user identification, signing of agreements with Municipalities, promotion in communities, and training to use the kits. We’ll be collection donations for just the next few weeks, so please take the chance to donate and support a family in need today.

We appreciate your support, and please check back to the Donation Page for progress updates over the next few weeks!