May 2020 News & Updates

First and foremost, we hope that this post finds everyone doing well! Things are slowly opening up here in Colorado, and we hope similar situations are happening where you live… hang in there!

Here are some updates from over the last few weeks:

  • Fundraising – we are retaining one of our key partners; Santa Cruz Grants & Consulting. They have been very helpful with developing and submitting various grants for our fundraising campaigns, and are a critical component for these on-going efforts.
  • Rotary Club Tunari – you may remember that we have partnered with the local Rotary Club here in Summit County (CO) late in 2019. We are also working to develop partnerships with other Rotary Clubs in Bolivia; specifically in Cochabamba. These are budding relationships, so more to follow in the coming weeks.
  • Tamaulipas – we have made a significant connection with local government officials in the State of Tamaulipas, in Mexico. The Pidola Team has a conference call with them on May 19th to determine if our resources would be a good fit.
  • Sister Schools – another initiative that we’re engaged in, is to determine if there is a school in the US that would be able to coordinate activities with a school in Bolivia. Especially since many schools have now moved classes into the home. Activities like cultural education and/or language education.

As always, thank you for your support, and we’ll see you next month!