October 2021 News & Updates

Apologies since it’s been a couple months with a post, but we’re back in the proverbial saddle with some progress updates! Please see the bulleted items below:

  • Grant Submissions – we haven’t heard any news from our previous submissions, but fingers are still crossed that Pidola will get accepted by one of the grantors. Of course, we’re continuing to submit applications, and October’s application will be to an organization called Onaway. This will also be our first grant application that we’re partnering with a 3rd party! This also provides a bit more depth and credibility to our application, and we feel confident about our chances of winning.
  • Support Staff – we have brought on a new person to help support some of Pidola’s activities: Shanika Silva. Shanika has great experience working with other non-profit organizations, and we look forward to her bringing additional expertise to our efforts.
  • News in Bolivia – on a weekly basis, I follow the news that’s coming out of Bolivia. My go-to news source is La Razon, and they have an objective stance on happenings there in the country. Feel free to check in periodically on events. NOTE – using Google Translate in Chrome is the best way to view these articles in English.

We hope that this note finds everyone doing well, and look for new updates before the Thanksgiving Holiday!