Looking for Water

In the “just another experience” department, it’s been an eventful last couple of weeks.  The first experience is how La Paz was out of water for two (2) days.  Somewhere in the system a pipe broke, and many neighborhoods didn’t have water.  This type of situation sure makes things difficult: showers, washing dishes, making coffee… using the bathroom.  Yes, good times.

At least the water outage wasn’t last week, when I found myself with a bit of food poisoning.  The main reason for not sharing an update or post was because of being sick, which of course everyone experiences at some point. I’m glad to report that I’m feeling much better, just two (2) kilos lighter.

Ok, moving on from the “woe is me” updates, we do have some very good news.  Pidola has won our first grant from Namaste Solar!  We submitted our application back in September and received an update about our award a couple weeks ago.  This is great news, since it starts to reveal the availability and opportunity with corporate sponsors.  We won’t bat 1.000 forever, but it’s a great first win for the Pidola Team.

Some other smaller updates for this week:

  • Pidola is a strong supporter of both Giving Tuesday and Colorado Gives Day. Make sure you “give back” in some shape or form, whether it’s to Pidola or not.  It’s always so important.
  • Michelle and I had a great conversation with our Legal Team here in Bolivia, and we’ve decided to change our for-profit entity here, to a non-profit. This will be Pidola’s best, and most beneficial long-term formation direction.
  • We’re finalizing our November newsletter this week, so keep your eyes peeled for larger notes and updates here shortly.

That’s it from South America this week.  Please keep us in mind for any corporate sponsor opportunities!  DM Michelle or I anytime… even if it’s just to say hello!