October 2020 News & Updates

As we quickly move into the last quarter of 2020 (thank goodness!), we have a lot of things going on here at Pidola. Lots of life happening, too!

Some updates from over the last few weeks:

  • Fundraising – we keep working on the various submissions for additional corporate funds. Pidola submitted a handful in September, so we’re hopeful we’ll win one before the end of the year. Wish us luck!
  • Tamaulipas – on-going conversations are being held surrounding our responsibilities for the projects in Northern Mexico. Pidola is aligning with the Rotary Clubs of Southern Texas to help pushing these projects forward. Our goal is to have a roadmap established to install a number of projects before the end of the year.
  • Facebook Campaigns – we launched our first Facebook campaign, which was to help drive more individual donations for our projects. That first campaign has been completed, and we’ll be launching another before the end of Q4. Again, wish us luck!

As always, thank you for your support, and we’ll see you in November!