On a Slant

The reason for the title of this post is because I have a story.  Well, I usually have a story every day.  For example, I saw my three neighborhood cows today on my way to the gym. Or yesterday, I was proud of myself since I held a 10-minute conversation, all in Spanish, with Bolivia’s Vice Minister of Rural Development.  Sure, it was only to schedule another meeting, but I’m taking the points, nonetheless.

Being on a slant happened Sunday night.  I was sleeping away, terribly as usual, and one of the support arms broke on my bed. Needless to say, I didn’t have any of the tools necessary at 11:30 at night to fix it, hence I slept on a 40% angle for the night.  The only way I can think of to share the visual was it was like the movie Blind Date, back in the early 90’s… when Bruce Willis and Kim Bassinger broke their bed and kept sliding down.  Literally, what a nightmare.

Any who, the week went on. On Tuesday, we had our 6th Board of Directors meeting.  I have to say, our Board is an impressive group of people.  The skills, expertise and overall intellect that these people bring to the table is overwhelming at times; just that strong of a group.  Our meeting went well, as they typically do, and I’m just always thankful to have them supporting us.

Some other interesting news and updates:

  • One more month until my immigration paperwork is completed (finally!)
  • We have three more meetings scheduled with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Rural Development, and the Ministry of Labor
  • We’re researching Impact Sourcing partners to help support our post-launch efforts surrounding economic development
  • Still waiting on our 5013C (non-profit) application approvals; hoping to receive that before the end of September
  • We’re also still working to find an automobile. If you know of anyone selling a 4×4 here in Bolivia, DM me

September is going to be a big month for us, especially with these potential new partnerships and site visits.  I’ll keep you posted with our progress!