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In Sopocachi (soon)

One of the big pieces of moving to Bolivia, is trying to find a place to stay while I’m there! Short term accommodations are easy, since you can use hotels, AirBNB’s, crash at a friend’s place.  BUT, long-term is a different story. Questions come up around: can I sign a lease?  Will someone rent to a foreign […]

In the Colorado Mountains

As I get ready for my ONE-WAY trip to La Paz, I personally have a lot to get completed and accomplished before that happens in June.  Moving, renting out my place, getting meeting scheduled, things along those lines. BUT, there’s also un-finished climbing business.   As many people know, I moved to Colorado in 2010 for […]

in Washington DC

Well, here goes nothing… my first blog post for Pidola!  Feedback is welcome… 🙂   Yesterday, May 10th, I went down to Washington DC to visit our friends at the Bolivian embassy. I was back East to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day, so I figured I’d take some time and head to both DC and […]