In El Prado

This was the first week in almost six that I spent the entire time in La Paz!  It was nice for the routine, but it’s always a grind getting back into the swing of things.  I spent most of the time in an area of La Paz called El Prado, which translates into “The Meadow”.  It’s essentially the area of town with most of the main commercial buildings; the down-town, if you will.  There are plenty of zebras to help you across the busy streets!

When spending time in El Prado, I usually have lots of in-person meetings.  The Ministry of Education is there, the school where I take my Spanish classes is nearby, our bank we use (BNB), etc.  This week, the key meeting was with the US Embassy.  I will say it’s always nice (and less pressure!) to simply speak in English.  

Pidola received our formal invite to the Embassy event in Santa Cruz, which allows US-based multi-national companies with a presence in Bolivia, to celebrate the July 4th Holiday.  Little ole Pidola will be there to network and hopefully make some strong donor/sponsor connections.  Fingers crossed that yours truly can make it work!

Other highlights from this week:

  • We’ve made arrangements to return to a town called Rurrenabaque, and to visit a couple new, potential project locations.  That will happen early July
  • We had our monthly Board of Directors meeting on the 12th, which as you know, is always productive.  This month our focus was mainly on fundraising
  • Our project budget framework for La Mision is being developed; we’re getting close. The project plan will be developed shortly thereafter
  • Our July 11th event back in Denver is coming together.  Please watch your inboxes for your invite!

We have a lot going on in July, so the planning and preparation efforts are well underway.  As always, I’ll share updates next week; have a nice weekend!

In Madidi, Tiwanaku & Sajama

Well, it’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks with Vegas, Colorado, Utah, and then the last couple. Many of you know that one of my brothers came down to Bolivia to visit for about 10 days.  We had a great time visiting the rainforest (Madidi), some old ruins (Tiwanaku) and some mountains (Sajama).  All of these places I had never visited, so it was great to see other places in the country. We packed a lot in, in just a short period of time!

Larry and I in Madidi, with our guide Raul
An old statue at the ruins of Tiwanku
Sajama, the highest mountain in Bolivia

Now that the travel is winding down, we’re back to the grind.  One of the bi-products of traveling in Bolivia, is speaking about Pidola with Bolivians.  We actually may have found another site that our resources would be aligned with their needs!  The community is called Torewa Campesina, and it’s deep in the Bolivia rainforest; about an hour boat-ride from Rurrenabaque, the closest city.  More to follow on this…

Other than the new potential site, we’re focusing on the following:

  • We’re getting closer with finalizing the budget for La Mision, which will directly affect our fundraising plans this summer.  
  • I’m working on getting Pidola’s invite to a July 4th event here in Santa Cruz, which is thrown by the US Embassy out of La Paz.  Should be a good networking event.
  • The “Accendo Summit” is being planned as well, which will bring our Bolivian partners (Ministry of Education, ABE, FH) together to see how our efforts can align better.
  • We’re also working on an event, in Denver, on July 11th.  We’ll share more on this when we get into the middle of June.

That’s it for now. More to come in the next few weeks, and we hope this post finds everyone well!

In Moab

It’s been a great week for the Pidola Team.  First and foremost, Michelle is now officially married!  A group of us went to Moab (a town in Utah) to help her, Jeff and many friends and family celebrate their wedding.  They did a wonderful job with the event, and everyone had a great time… including yours truly.  Congrats to Michelle and Jeff!

Also, the Pidola Team had our monthly Board of Directors meeting on the 21st.  For me, it was great to attend in person!  One of the reasons for me to be in the US over the last few weeks was to participate and get some much-needed face-time with the rest of the team.  As always, it was productive, and we got a lot accomplished in just a quick two hours.

A few of those updates and discussions from the last Board meeting were about:

  • We are planning another party on July 11th (in Denver), which we’ll be able to share the latest updates with our sponsors and donors.  More to follow here shortly.
  • I provided an update on the July 4thevent in Santa Cruz (Bolivia), and Pidola will be in attendance!  Fingers crossed my networking skills are strong.
  • The team continued to work on planning and budgeting for both La Mision and San Jose, the two communities we visited in April.
  • Discussions were also held on additional avenues for the Pidola Team to fundraise and bring-in project funds.

The next few weeks will be busy for all of us, so we’ll keep you posted with the progress.  Also, my brother Larry will be visiting Bolivia, so hopefully he’ll have a fun and exciting trip!

In Las Vegas

Oh, Vegas.  I’m back in the Silver State for a website development conference.  It’s been a good, but long week already with lots of meetings, sessions, and a few phone calls sprinkled in.  For me personally, it’s always nice to catch up with people that I work with on daily/weekly basis.  When working remote, I never get that all-important face-time.  Plus, zero time spent in the hospital so far!  Yeah, that’s an entirely different blog post…

Here’s a photo of me on-stage during one of the sessions; the stick figure on the right.

Pidola is moving right along, just a bit slower this week than the previous weeks.  That necessary, albeit “boring” admin work gobbled up some of our time last week.  We’re always looking to save money and streamline costs, which we’ve accomplished by cleaning up some of our website operations and requirements.  Always looking to pinch those pennies!

A few other notes and follow-ups from last week:

  • We have our Board of Director’s meeting on Tuesday, which I’m excited to see everyone!
  • We’re still working on the 4thof July networking party in Santa Cruz (Bolivia); hoping the invite is in the mail.
  • Over the next 7-10 days, we’re working to finish spec development of our La Mision project location.  That way, we can get our budget and project plan together.
  • Michelle and I have some investor meetings lined up here in the coming weeks, so send us good vibes!

Next week is our big week in Moab for Michelle’s wedding.  All of us are super excited to celebrate, and I’ll share some of those activities ASAP!

In Conifer

Well, I’ve made the long trip back States’ side, and enjoying my first few days in Colorado.  I’m actually staying at my aunt’s house in Conifer, which is a beautiful corner of the world.  It’s always nice to spend time here and soothe the soul a bit… can’t beat the views for your morning coffee!

We are marching right along with all of Pidola’s efforts; both in the US and in Bolivia.  One of the activities that I mentioned last week was to get the key Bolivian partners together and participate in a roundtable discussion surrounding our projects (specifically in Villa Tunari).  As usual, that process is taking a bit of time, but still hopeful to have that meeting and discussions in mid-June.  Coordinating a meeting is never easy, no matter what country you’re in!

A few other updates with Pidola are:

  • We have our monthly Board of Directors meeting on the 21st, which I always enjoy. Especially now that I can attend in person!
  • We’ve received some good feedback from our teacher friends in Pampa Jasi.  They could use some more computers, which we’ll be on the hunt for in the coming weeks
  • Surrounding the Villa Tunari locations, we’re continuing to “spec” the projects out, which will help budget and planning
  • I’m working to get Pidola invited to a 4thof July party in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. That would be a great networking event for us to attend, and find potential investors
  • Lots and lots of admin work (accounting, legal, formation), which I won’t bore you with. 🙂

Last but not least, Michelle is getting married in a few weeks!  That’s one of the reasons why I’m back in the US, and we’re all thrilled for the wedding… it’s going to be fantastic.  That post will be entertaining, for sure!

In Pinaya (Illimani)

It’s been a good week, both professionally and personally here in Bolivia.  Let’s start with the most important…

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be coordinating a meeting with ABE (our internet provider), Food for the Hungry (a Bolivian partner) and the Ministry of Education.  Our goal is to determine how we can align these organizations and maximize the impact of our work.  Currently, Pidola uses all three (3) of these companies, and we feel strongly about increasing the benefits of our work when we’re all “singing from the same hymn sheet”.  It’s going to be interesting!

On a personal note, I took a couple days and waddled my way up a peak called Illimani.  Being on mountains is always a humbling experience, and I was able to complete 2/4 of my goals (new altitude PR, and over 6,000 meters).  It’s always good to get into nature and unplug, even if it’s only for a day or so.

I also got to spend some time in a little village called Pinaya; a town of about 120 people, right at the base of Illimani.  It’s a reminder for me of how good and easy I have it, and how unique these experiences are that I have in Bolivia.   The entire time spend on/around Illimani was fantastic… I’ll be going back!

Back in La Paz

Well, I’m back in the city and have been trying to get organized from the trip to Villa Tunari last week. Lots of picture cataloging, re-writing notes, documentation, et al from those two site visits. The “not very sexy” activities that have to get completed. But we have started the process of getting things moving with our contractors, and developing our approaches, budgets and plans for both La Mision and San Jose de la Angosta.

In the meantime, I’ve shared a video below. We took some videos of the conversations we had last week (interview style) to help us share each communities’ stories. It’s always great to get their point of view on the projects, ESPECIALLY when you get to hear a language most people have never heard before! Listen for Yuracare sprinkled throughout the interview… enjoy!

La Mision & San Jose de al Angosta

We had a busy week with a couple site visits.  Back in December, you may remember that we went to a few potential project sites near a town called Villa Tunari.  This trip we went back to the same town, but went to much more remote locations!  The two schools we visited were La Mision, and San Jose de la Angosta.  

The first visit was to La Mision, which took about 90 minutes to reach.  They have 10 (!) computers just sitting in one of their classrooms waiting for energy and internet: see the 1st picture below.  La Mision has about 130 kids, most of which are forced down a more vocational/technical path since they don’t have the resources needed for their education.  Could be a great project site for Pidola.

Computers sitting idle

The second was to San Jose de la Angosta.  This school was about three hours from “anywhere”, and we actually had to take a canoe to get to the location: see the 2nd & 3rd pictures below.  They also have 10 (!) laptops that are ready to be used, just no power to use them.  This school has about 120 children, and was unique from the perspective that many indigenous communities send their kids to this school: Quechua, Yuracare & Movima.  

Boat crossing!
Teachers from San Jose de la Angosta

We have lots of work after this trip: planning, budgeting, fundraising.  We’ll keep you posted with our progress, and hope everyone has a nice Holiday weekend!

In Calacoto

One of the areas that I visit the most is a part of La Paz called Calacoto; or Zona Sur.  I don’t mind the commute since I get to take the world’s highest cable car system!  I head down probably once or twice a month to meet with our lawyers and other partners. Where I live in Sopocachi is very nice, but Calacoto is a great part of town.  Lots of nice homes, good restaurants, things like that.  Hoity-toity!

Below is a picture of our lawyer’s building (with the black & red stripes) and one of our partner’s building (Food for the Hungry, aka FH).  If I were going to buy a place in Bolivia, I would consider Zona Sur.

We continue to make bits of progress here and there.  Some of the key steps taken this and last week were:

  • We are going to work on a potential donor here in Bolivia called Viva.  They are a large communications company (think Sprint) that has a CSR department.
  • I am attempting to get Pidola invited to a festival here on July 4th, where a bunch of multi-national organizations are going to be in attendance.  Good opportunity to network!
  • As I type this post, we’re still working to visit potential site locations near Villa Tunari on the 17th & 18th of April.  A larger update will be provided after that trip.
  • Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be working with FH to determine if there are other potential locations for Pidola to enter into… in addition to Villa Tunari.

We are going to be very busy between now and May.  Especially since I’ll be heading back to Colorado for a few weeks… for Michelle’s wedding!  We are all looking forward to that celebration… 🙂

At the US Embassy

Hello, Everyone!  Apologies that it’s been a while since I last connected; it’s been a bit busy with lots of work, travel, and many other “life” things going on.  But, I’ll do my best to be more consistent here in the coming weeks, especially with some of the up-coming project location visits we’re planning in April… I hope this finds everyone is doing well!

One of the more interesting things that I get to do here in La Paz are the conversations I have and potential work with the US State Department.  It was recommended that we connect with the Embassy in Bolivia to: 1) let them know Pidola is working in the country, and 2) determine how they can best support our efforts & activities.  I visited the “embajada” (embassy in Spanish) on Wednesday, and wow, the building is built like a fortress!  I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside, hence just the outside photos.

It’s always nice to get other opinions with happenings here in Bolivia, both from the nationals’ and expats’ perspectives.  Plus, we established some action items from the visit, as well as some other general non-Embassy updates:

  • Get Pidola involved with the American Chamber of Commerce here in Bolivia to increase our exposure for possible project and funding opportunities
  • Continue to plan on our site visits to Villa Tunari and scope out those individual projects. This is a on-going process from our visits back in December
  • Application to a non-profit accelerator (Global Giving) to increase Pidola’s exposure to new donor and sponsor opportunities
  • Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise!!

I’ll keep everyone posted with our progress here in the coming weeks, especially with our next round of site visits!