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Looking for Water

In the “just another experience” department, it’s been an eventful last couple of weeks.  The first experience is how La Paz was out of water for two (2) days.  Somewhere in the system a pipe broke, and many neighborhoods didn’t have water.  This type of situation sure makes things difficult: showers, washing dishes, making coffee… […]

Monthly Updates – November

It’s been a busy and productive month of November for Pidola.  The team has primarily been focused on one key area, which is fundraising.  This includes development of our new, October campaign (hopefully you have seen the posts!), as well as starting to really hone in on potential corporate sponsors and foundations & grants.   […]

Partner Bio – Patrick (PK) Kelly

Patrick Kelly is the owner of Hoss Consulting, which offers expert technical services and management capabilities to telecommunications, renewable energy, and critical power projects.  He’s also a Member of the American Wind Energy Association, and is on the Distributed Energy Advisory Committee. Patrick brings over 20 years of experience in the vertical asset and power […]

In the Board Room

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t literally in a Board Room this week; I’m still here in La Paz.  BUT, we did have our monthly Board of Directors meeting this past Tuesday, which those meetings are always productive.  I’ve really come to appreciate the people on Pidola’s Board, both professionally and personally.  They have a […]

At Salar de Uyuni

Well, it’s been another busy, but good week down here in Bolivia.  As I mentioned last week, I had my mom and aunt here to visit me for a couple weeks.  We checked off Lake Titicaca, and we visited Salar de Uyuni (aka Salt Flats) this week. I have to say, if you ever have the […]

Monthly Updates – October

The Solar + Storage + Internet Program for rural Bolivian schools is structured to support communities that are experiencing impacts of poor health, inadequate access to clean water, lack of tools to remain sustainable, and is providing access to resources to be able to grow, succeed, and continue to thrive in a modern world. With […]

In Mexico City

It’s been a busy week, both from a personal and professional standpoint.  First, my mom and aunt are in Bolivia to visit me and are here until next week. It’s always great to see family, no matter where in the world you are.  But, for me, it was especially nice to have them visit; it’s been hard being […]

Not in my Apartment

Well, the infinite insanity continues here in La Paz.  Most comes from the external environment, but sometimes it’s self-inflicted.  The other day, I was on my way to the bank and realized that I didn’t have my house keys.  I started checking my pockets, started back-tracking my route, but couldn’t find them.  I thought to myself, “they’re gone; there’s […]

At the Ministry of Education

We had two key meetings this week.  We were initially planned for four, but as most of us know, scheduling conflicts happen. The first was with our legal team, Guevara & Gutierrez SC, or GG Lex for short.  As I’ve mentioned previously, they have graciously provided us with pro bono work for over a year.  As those initial efforts […]